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crane service

Our Special transport service company has a modern equipment and highly qualified team for operating cranes from 10 tons up to 800 tons that guarantee our clients all crane services options. Crane service, gantries, strand jacks, hydraulic systems and adequate accessories conform Transportes Montejo portfolio, which operated by the appropriate human resource and with the more than 60 experience, guarantees the execution of operations with the stamp of trust, support backed by studies and engineering calculations, security and experience for our customers and collaborators.

Special transport services

Special Heavy transport service

Transport specialists for indivisible, oversized and extra-heavy loads in Colombia and arounds. We guarantee and protect the safety of the cargo and the road infrastructure through which we transit.

We carry out enough planning and studies to propose all the possible solutions and alternative routes so that your cargo arrives at its final destination. We take care of the complex road studies, request special permissions, infrastructure adaptations, planning the use of over bridges if needed and the creation or improvement of new roads according to the complexity of the logistic project.

Self-propelled modular equipment (SPMT-E), extendable low beds, special transport services, modular multi-line equipment, low beds, flatbed, and other road equipment are part our equipment. Maneuvers are carried out by certified personnel what guarantees the success and safety of the operations.

crane rental colombia

Multimodal transport

We count with the experience to make a complex articulation between different modes and types of transport in order to perform fast and efficient transshipment operations of special pieces, materials and common merchandise. We use different types of vehicles, capacity and high technology equipment to carry the cargo from its origin to its final destination, optimizing logistics costs, transportation and avoiding critical and dangerous routes to provide security to the cargo.

In our arduous trajectory we have developed important allies in fluvial, air, land transport and port sector. This allow us to provide our clients agility in the different processes, procedures and permits for the mobilization of a cargo. Our Special transport company commitment is to ensure that your project does not slow down and is made as profitable and efficient as it was planned.


Special transport services

Special studies that integrate technical aspects, operations, permits, route structure, time evaluation and feasibility studies, are part of Transportes Montejo’s Special transport services portfolio.

We offer complete solutions, articulating different modes of transport in order to provide faster, efficient and profitable operations to our customers. It seeks to satisfy not only the demands of the customer, but the market, imposing globalization and where safety, profitability and use of technologies are key in the execution.