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P&H 2800XPC Shovel Transport

Weight: 1200 Tons
Equipment: 48 Goldhofer lines PST-THP (385 Tires)

crane service

Yankee Dryer Transport and Lifting

Weight: 120 Tons
Equipment: 4 lines-tube beam – 4 Goldhofer lines THP 45-SL and Sany SCC750

transporte especial

coke drums transport

Weight: 480 Tons
Equipment: 36 Goldhofer lines PST 45 SL

crane service

Press Machine transport and Lifting

Weight: 90 Tons
Equipment: 4 Goldhofer lines PST 45-SL and 500Tons Gantry

transporte especial colombia

Boeing 707 Airplane Transport

Weight: 30 Tons
Equipment: 6 Cometto lines

cranes rental company colombia

motor generator Transport and Skid

Weight: 160 Tons
Equipment: Skidding System 300 Tons

grua torre

Shiploader change

Weight: 75 Tons
Equipment: Kobelco SL 6000

empresa de izaje

Reactors Transport and Lifting

Weight: 268 Tons
Equipment: 16 Goldhofer lines PST 45 SL and Sany SCC750 + Liebherr 500Tons

grua de construccion

Wind Turbine Maintenance

Weight: 33 Tons
Equipment: Liebherr 500Tons Crane