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In Colombia
when talking about special transport company
we talk about Montejo

Transport specialists for indivisible, oversized and extra-heavy loads. We guarantee and protect the safety of the cargo and the road infrastructure through which we transit. The #1 special transport company.

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Client Importance

special transport company

Cranes, gantries, strand jacks, hydraulic systems and adequate accessories conform Transportes Montejo portfolio.

Heavy transport

Self-propelled (SPMT-E) and conventional (THP) heavy duty module, extendable low beds, low beds, flatbed, and other road equipment.


Multimodal transport

Important allies in fluvial, air, land transport and port sector allow us to provide our clients agility in the different processes, procedures and permits for the mobilization of a cargo.


Engineering and design

Special studies that integrate technical aspects, operations, permits, route structure, time evaluation and feasibility studies.


transporte especial
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Transportes Montejo is a specialized logistics company in execution of projects that include cargo transport, extra heavy and / or extra dimensioned in Latin America and Central America, and supply crane services and lifting equipment for assemblies of industrial and civil works. All our services are directed and maneuvered by highly trained personnel, and maneuvers are previously studied and supported by technical studies.

In its more than 60 years of experience, TRANSPORTES MONTEJO has become the leading company in the sector, characterized by its excellence in service and its latest technology equipment that seeks to satisfy the needs of the market. Likewise, it is the only South American company that has worked in Europe and has received a global recognition: position 21 according to the Cranes and Lifting magazine of the best heavy transport companies. We are proud of our Crane expertise. 

Our Projects

Committed to delivering successful, safe, profitable and quality operations to our clients.


P&H 2800XPC Shovel Transport

Weight: 1200 Tons
Equipment: 48 Goldhofer lines PST-THP (385 Tires)


crane service

Yankee Dryer Transport and Lifting

Weight: 120 Tons
Equipment: 4 lines-tube beam-4 Goldhofer lines THP 45-SL and Sany SCC750


transporte especial

Coke Drums transport

Weight: 480 Tons
Equipment: 36 Goldhofer lines PST 45 SL


Our Offices

Santa Marta
Dir: Av. Ferrocarril No 1c-50 Bodega Roldan Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta

Dir: Carrera 64 AA #121-40

Dir: Km. 7 Vía Cartagena – Mamonal, Puerto Mamonal

Dir: Vía Transistmica Milla 9 diagonal a la estacion Terpel – Ciudad de Panama

Dir: Zona Industrial Matanzas, Calle el Pardillo, entre Av. N-S 6 y N-S 7 Antiguo Harbor, actual Planta Vhicoa, Puerto Ordaz, Estado Bolívar.

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